10 Ideas To Do During Social Distancing

We know things are getting worse lately. A lot of our lifestyle, career and business are affected by this event. Flight got canceled, events got postponed, the economy entered a bear market and many of us are staying home or working from home. And that’s the best thing we can do currently, be socially responsible.

We all know, it creates a lot of anxiety and worries during this time of uncertainty, but instead of getting tensed up with the things that are out of our control. Why not look at this situation with a different lens. We might want to find what’s the best we can do during this period.

So, let’s find out 10 ideas we can do to spend our time positively during this anxious time.

1. Detach

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In this period, there’s nothing more important than detaching ourselves from the outside world, both physically and mentally. What information consumes is the attention of its recipients. It is called cultivating selective ignorance. Most news and information is time-consuming, and not to mention it’s out of our influence.

We already know how terrible the situation is across the world, we also know how to maintain our hygiene in order to prepare ourselves from being infected. Other news that we receive daily from our phones or TV are additional content that can build up our anxiety. In fact, it doesn’t even benefit us after knowing it.

Be selective with the information we are consuming. And make sure it doesn’t add unnecessary fears into our lives.

2. Deep Clean

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Other than our hands we need to wash and our phones that need to sanitize, it would be great to disinfect our living space and keep it free from germs and dust. Especially now when we have some time to stay at home. Let’s have a deep clean. We can focus on the areas that slip our minds.

This is especially important when we have many family members. It’s important to keep our areas clean in order to prevent the spreading of the virus.

3. Exercise

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One of the biggest reasons we gave for not exercising is because we are too busy with our work, and we don’t have enough time to work out. However, now we have so much time for ourselves, yet it’s not safe for us to go to the gym. But if there is a will there is a way.

We can always exercise at home. Don’t let this event become an excuse for us to be lazy. We can do strength training at home and work out with what we have at home and create a calisthenic routine.

We can also try Yoga, all we need is just a mat and be present. That can work on our core, strength, balance and also patience. You can try Yoga with some tutorial videos such as Yoga With Adriene and Alo Yoga.

4. Book

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We should also make full use of our free time to feed our minds with books. A lot of us have a list of books that we always wanted to read. The same thing, we can never have the time, but during times like this, books can be our best companion. Most of the books I’ve read were from the library, but I try not to visit the library for the time being or maybe some of your public libraries have been shut down too.

So, another alternative is audible books. Audible makes the process of reading a book so much easier, where we can finish a book even when we’re washing dishes or working out.

5. Cook

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One of the perks for us staying at home is we can prepare our own meal. For some people, cooking might be a hard thing to do. But, there’s always the first time and there are too many benefits for us. First, we can save money from cooking at home as compared to eating out. It also gives us control which we can always make our food tastier or healthier.

Cooking with a partner or family member can also make the process memorable. A great stress reliever and create special moments during this bonding time.

6. Communicate with loved ones

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Especially during times like this, that’s when we need to spread our love and care. So even when we’re isolating ourselves, we have our phone, we can always communicate with our loved ones without leaving our house. And if they’re staying with you, appreciate every moment you spent with them.

7. Sleep debt


The next idea we can do is repay our sleep debt. Now, we have our extra time, we should repay our sleep debt. It is very important to have sufficient sleep. The quality and quantity of our sleep determine our work productivity, cognitive ability, health, emotion, and many others, but yet we constantly live a life where we overemphasize on work or distractions that we have to sacrifice our sleep.

So with some extra time now, it’s perfect for us to use it to repay our sleep debt and more importantly, we can restructure our work-life balance with the 8–8–8 rule where we can evenly allocate 24 hours to 3 aspects of our life: work, me-time, and sleep.

8. Reinvent


There’s always some time in our lives we experience a huge change in our emotions, unsatisfied with how we live, disconnected with our relationship or unfulfilled with our jobs. If you feel this, then it’s the best time for you to reinvent yourself, make the necessary changes we need in order to create the best version of ourselves. Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.

This is the best time to learn what we need to improve on our lives. And during the process, we can identify our strengths, set a goal that we want to achieve, make plans and how we can execute it.

If it’s possible, whether it is a business or a new skill, try it out during this period. It would take a lot of time, patience, and effort to make some changes in our lives the better, but if it’s what we value, it’s all worth it.

9. Healthy escapism

source: https://edition.cnn.com/

Instead of manifesting our negative emotions, sometimes it’s fine for us to shift our awareness toward something completely different in order for us to cool down and temporarily forget about our stress. The easiest way we can do to let go of stress is by watching movies, shows, and listening to music.

Healthy escapism plays an important role in our lives. It’s a way to break free from the fear, anxiety, also the negativity of this event.

10. Do Nothing

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YES, LITERALLY DO NOTHING. Just take some time to sit comfortably. This is a form of mediation, and that comes from the practice known as shikantaza, which means “just sitting”. It’s a practice for us to let go of our sense of effort, the sense of trying, the sense of choosing and doing.

This is very similar to the concept of “contentless awareness”. Having zero focus on any particular content in our brain. Doing nothing can be extremely helpful during panic times like this and keep our monkey mind from going crazy with fear and worries. Just sit and be calm!

These are 10 ideas we can do in order for us to get through this dark period. If we are able to see this with different lense and shift our attention from doom and gloom to how we can best use this time to improve ourselves and create meaningful moments. May this article bring you value and a certain level of joy. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

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