Breaking the conventional move
Our current status quo consists of a world full of overwasted and overconsumption of fashion products. We all deceived by the trends brand made that change rapidly and we unconsciously follow them every season. Giggle Studio comes to break the conventional fashion practice. Though our competitors continuously update their style every day and even hours, Giggle Studio would strip away from this trends and slow the move down. It’s back to basic that matters. We want people to shift their clothing investment into modern basic that last longer, timeless in style, and versatile in all occasions.

Things we heavily proud of is the fact that our basics are designed by a new young generations of creative minds – presented to those who value rigorous production process, quality, and the craftsmanship in every piece of clothing product.

Small brand, Big dream

Our dreams are like anyone else, leading local products to the international eyes, making sure the customers have great experience with our goods quality and service in which becoming our main priority. But, some little things make us different. As a label that prioritise the quality over anything, we would rather make one exceptional shirt than three mediocre ones. Every stuffs you find at Giggle Studio is the result of a never ending strive for excellence. We obsess about details and about refining and perfecting every piece. We continually make small adjustments and improvements in our quest for perfection – our work is never done.

Empowering talented local craftsman

We want to carry our customer into our core value as a company. We genuinely hope we could be a part of entities who contribute in empowering the local craftsman, understanding of their commitment to create high-quality goods with tremendous attention to every single detail. We visit them very often to build a strong personal relationship and mutual trust. Hence, it helps us to ensure every step of the production runs well – from sourcing the finest materials, cutting the fit shape, sewing detail and precision, until steaming section as the finishing part.

Keeping our commitment
We do not compromise in quality, we might compromise in margin but it will come out of our end. We either make a product that deserves the price, or we do not make the product at all. Maybe we don’t have every basic you wish for, but our reasons are simple. We only make a product in a factory that shares our standard, and sourced the finest materials. If we do not find common grounds here, we continue our quest until we find the right partner in crime.