At, we truly understand that each and every one of us have our unique size. We realise our size chart guideline may not fit into every individual. Moreover, we also recognise that you might have certain expectation upon the goods you receive, because after all we are just a human. This understanding leads us to allow every purchase in our store to be returned and/ refund if you thought our goods does not meet your expectation or our size does not fit into your body. We apply this feature in an objective of creating mutual trust between and customer.

Note that we would apply impartial and fair policy in regards of the return and refund system. Any return and refund caused by our mistake (for example: we send different product/colour/size as yo ordered in our store) will not be charged any cent. But, in case the customer in itself who put a mistake, the shipment fee (or any additional charge) will be subjected to the customer. For the refund policy, we would review the product to ensure there is no fraud from the customer. Shall you want to return or refund your order, here are some steps you may follow:

1. The products must be returned within 3 days after the customer receive their order (or have been delivered by our system).
2. We would not accept any return exceed than the period we have made in agreement.
3. Contact our customer service first before sending the product.
4. We would review whether or not your request qualified into our terms & condition.
5. In case your request is accepted by our team, you may start shipping your product.
6. The return product must be on the good condition without any damage.
7. Please attach your order ID in your package.
8. We will send the new product right after we receive the product from the customer.
9. For the refund request, we would transfer 3 days after we received the product at max (on working hours).

For further information, kindly contact our customer service.